MOL Slovenia

MOL Slovenia

MOL Slovenia is a member of the MOL Group. As a 100% subsidiary of MOL, MOL Slovenia is present on the Slovenian market since 1996. The main activity of the company focuses on the wholesale and retail trade of petroleum products on the Slovenian market.

Company profile

Firm: MOL SLOVENIJA, trgovsko podjetje d. o. o
Legal form: Limited Liability Company
Head Office: Lendavska ulica 24, Murska Sobota
Incorporated: At the District Court of Murska Sobota
Entry number: 068/10227000
Director: Valerija Glavač, BSc., since 20 November 2008
Main activity: Retail trade of own motor fuel
Owned by: MOL Magyar Olaj és Gázipari Nyrt., Hungary, is the sole owner of the Company
Head office of parent company: Október huszonharmadika u. 18, Budapest, Hungary

The network

The retail trade of petroleum products is carried out through the Company's own network of filling stations. A total of thirty-two MOL filling stations operate in Slovenia, providing not only petroleum products, but also pleasant shopping facilities and automated as well as self-service car wash facilities. Twenty-one of our filling stations also provide catering services. 

Further development

Two additional motorway service stations will be constructed in accordance with the Slovenian motorway development schedule. MOL Slovenia is continuously seeking new, profitable investment opportunities. Therefore, the Company has already acquired new parcels of land for the future development of its network of filling stations. 

R&D activities

The R&D activities of MOL Slovenia are centralized within the MOL Group. The company takes advantage of the results and strengths of the research and development activities of the Group. 

Environmental protection

For a number of years the MOL Group has been paying a great deal of attention to the protection of the environment as well as the health and safety of the employees. Products sold by MOL Slovenia meet and even exceed all statutory requirements and standards. The Company complies with the Slovene requirements in terms of promoting the use of bio-fuel. All our investments comply with the most rigorous quality standards, and the Company thus fully complies with the safety, health protection and environmental requirements.